Paper pom pom decorations

I made these as decorations for my own wedding back in July, and they are so simple to make, but look so pretty!

Paper pom pom decorations

April 30, Halloween Tissue Paper Pom Poms Instructions These fun paper pom poms make awesome and inexpensive tissue paper Halloween decorations that you can make near the last minute and are very fast Paper pom pom decorations easy once you know how.

You can make these large or small depending on the size of the tissue paper sheets that you're using. If you're sticking with solid colors which tend to work out a little cheaper than patterned have a go with using sheets in different colors for each finished decoration.

Solid colors can look great but I think it's even better to experiment with using patterned sheets. I love the black polka dot tissue paper I used last year which I teamed up with other pom poms made in hot pink. This post may contain affiliate links for which I can be compensated.

As well as having solid colors and patterned tissue paper, you can also use a shading effect with your Halloween tissue paper pom poms. How about a cream to dark pumpkin orange color which would look good.

Alternatively, a white to gray to black for a ombre effect.

Paper pom pom decorations

Work with the color scheme you're using in the room you plan to hang them in. Materials and Tools You'll Need: The sheets I buy come prepacked and folded and typically measure 50x75 cm which is just over 19 x 20 inches.

Other sheet sizes of tissue will work just fine and you'll get bigger or smaller results depending on what you buy but remember that they all need to be the same size for folding. I prefer to make quite big and bold statement hanging decorations from these so I buy individual packs of tissue paper sheets which normally come in sheets of 7 for patterned and 10 or 20 for plain colors.

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Although you can sort of get away with using just 7 sheets, they won't look so good so I recommend using at least 10 sheets and perhaps a bit more depending how nice, round and fluffy you want them to look.

Stack the sheets up level with at least 10 as being a recommended good amount to use as your starting point - you may choose to use a few less or a few more depending on the finished results. Place this stack onto a work surface patterned side up if they're patterned and have the longest side laid out horizontally before you.

Paper pom pom decorations

You need to fold the sheets into a concertina fashion or accordion style. Most people know how to do this but if you don't, I suggest looking up how to make an accordion fold on YouTube. The folds should be roughly the same size at around 1.

Once you've finished folding the whole lot, you'll have a thick strip of folded sheets which you need to roughly fold in half across the length to find the middle. Double knot a long length of twine or cord around the middle. The reason why I say a long length of twine is because I also use this for hanging the finished piece up with.

Some people wrap wire around the middle and then attach some thread, yarn or cord for hanging but just be aware that wire is more prone to rip or tear the tissue. To make a lovely rounded and wavy edged design around the sheets of your completed giant pom, you can round off the corners at each end just by cutting a curve with the scissors.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms for Your Wedding: DIY Wedding Decor

How you cut these ends will effect the whole look - sometimes I use soft curves and sometimes sharp points, see below. Cutting the ends into sharp points will give a whole different look to the decoration. Experiment with it because there are many ways of cutting.As promised, here are some photos of the tissue paper pom poms with LED lights inside.

They were easy and inexpensive to make - and they made last weekend's party feel romantic and special. I followed Martha Stewart's instructions for. DIY Pom Pom Flowers Posted by Meghan Quinones.

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Use a fork and toilet paper rolls to create size XS and XL fluffy pom poms. Craft pom poms are a proven favorite for adding to school projects, home arts and craft projects, school, camp and just about anywhere else!

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Great for making animals, paper projects, holiday ornaments and decorations, classroom art projects, costume decorating and party decorations.

And if you are decorating for birthdays this month, it makes a pretty cute tissue paper pom pom garland. You can check out all three ideas over at Party if you would like to see more ideas for dressing up plain packages, some of my favorites from the past are confetti striped wrapping paper, rainbow woven gift wrap, rainbow yarn .

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