Means are more important than end

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Means are more important than end

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I may unsubscribe at any time. While the younger markets in the Far and Middle East may find compliance relatively easy to achieve, older systems in the EU are likely to require a huge amount of financial investment. This will be one of the greatest technical challenges that retailers in particular have faced in recent years - PCI DSS is notoriously difficult to understand and implement correctly.

Look, for example, at our big supermarkets, which are increasingly spreading their international wings, often through acquisition rather than by building new stores.

Many will have a tilling solution across every store that is out of date from the point of view of PCI DSS, and that is unable to deal with the collection, holding and transmission of data securely enough.

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It is important that businesses - and, indeed, consultants - are pragmatic in the way they understand and implement the standard and its requirements, looking at the threat and seeing if the risk can be mitigated through appropriate countermeasures.

For example, many older tills will not support antivirus software, but this can be implemented across the network with careful controls to fulfil the requirements of the standard.

With some of the organisations we work with, the first task is to change the way of working, not to replace every piece of technology in the business.

In the retail sector in particular, many businesses use credit card data as the main form of customer identification. The technological issues, then, while a challenge are not insurmountable. But companies then need establish better ways of identifying customers, and this is the real frustration.

Credit card numbers are used by so many companies in so many instances that it is a hugely complex task to untangle the data from the network. It is vital that businesses stop using this as a means of identification and begin the move towards tokenisation, using a representative number to replace the credit card.

As it stands, consultants like me need to discover every last piece of cardholder data in an environment. In reality, of course, the number of compensating controls needs to be manageable. The intent of the standard is more important than the detail, and as long as customer data can be proved to be safe, there are a number of ways in which compliance can be achieved without necessarily following the rules slavishly.

What is needed, however, is a greater awareness of the need to protect customer data - companies need urgently to look at new ways of working to reduce the risk of a catastrophic security event.

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Answer Wiki. 6 Answers. Priyanka Agarwal Saharan, Life is all about Learning!! Why is the start more important than the end? What does "the end is near" mean? What is the meaning of life? Is effort more important than the end result? Means are more important than end This is a well- known proverb that we have heard many times.

The ends are our goals and the means are the specific actions are take to achieve these goals. This proverb is often misleading as it gives the idea that we can achieve this goal through any means. The means is much much more important than the end.

suppose you want to be the person with the top marks in class or college, what you need to do is study really hard but instead the common practice is copying or peeking.

Means are more important than end

if found out, this can lead to your failure in not only the exam, but also in life. means is more important than end means dat the the final result is more doesn't matter how we hv achieved our goal.

Nov 04,  · His philosophy was, 'means are more important than the end: it is only with the right means that the desired end will follow' (see Endnote-1). To the charge that 'means are after all means', he would say, ‘means are, after all, everything’.

End Is More Important than Means. Front-End Web Development. Philosophy of Everyday Life. What is more important, means or end?

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