Description of potential effects of discrimination

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Description of potential effects of discrimination

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From the Darkness On December 19,New Mexico became the 17th state to legalize same-sex marriage. This means that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples in these states hold the same legal rights as any heterosexual partnership in a court of law. Of course, this also means there are still 33 states that have yet to legalize gay marriage preventing true marital equality in the America.

During the early years of Harvey Milk, one of the foremost leaders of the gay rights movement in the United States, institutional hostility toward homosexuals was rampant. In the s, most psychiatrists and psychologists classified homosexuality as a mental illness. Though few informed doctors believe this today, it was the accepted thinking of the time.

Gay people were systematically shunned by mainstream society. They were told that they were deviants, sick, and unworthy.

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His paternal grandfather, Morris Milch later changed to Milkemigrated from Lithuania to the United States in and went on to own the largest dry goods store on Long Island. Harvey was raised Jewish, attended Hebrew School, and had his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming of age ceremony, at age thirteen.

He was very sociable and known for being a bit of a prankster. He played linebacker on the junior varsity football team, played basketball, and even wrestled for a bit. In many sterotypical ways, Milk was a regular, happy, well-adjusted boy. Harvey Milk also loved the opera.

He would ask his mother for change to go to Saturday afternoon performances at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan. While he respected his family and did not want to upset them, he knew who he was.

He knew he was gay. He tried to hide this part of himself, but it became too important, too pressing to keep hidden: Before moving to California, Milk worked several different jobs. He was a math teacher, worked for an insurance company, on Wall Street, and as a theatrical producer on Broadway.

He also voluntarily enlisted in U. Navy during Korean War. Of course, he had to remain publicly closeted during his time in the military. Most of the ousted soldiers — those who had served in the Pacific — were given their walking papers in San Francisco.

Afraid or unwilling to go home, many stayed in the City by the Bay. Tensions were growing not only in San Francisco but also throughout the country as homosexuals began to find a voice and became more outspoken about the injustices that tormented the gay community.

Milk witnessed and experienced the movement first hand. Sensing both the tremendous opportunity and the real possibility for freedom, and equality, he found the need to act and entered the political arena.

Milk was a sharp and infectiously passionate individual who spoke about gay issues from his gut and his heart in his campaigns and speeches. He cared truly and deeply about not only the struggles of the homosexual community, but extended his concerns to all who faced any kind of societal or political oppression.

Milk gathered strong support and was poised to lead the largest movement for gay rights to date. Despite losing his first election to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors inMilk became known as the Mayor of Castro Street as his popularity expanded.

Milk established the Castro Village Association comprised of local gay business owners. However, he was not interested in only reaching out to the gay community. Milk wanted all disenfranchised citizens to have a voice in the political process, which brought labor unions in to join forces with him.

Milk rallied his Castro community and the boycott was a huge success. Harvey Milk ran for City Supervisor once again in but lost, again. All the incumbent supervisors were running for reelection and all retained their seats, however Milk received the vast majority of votes in the Castro district.

Milk was not discouraged by the overall result of the second campaign because it propelled him further into the political spotlight, and continued the expansion of his political base.

Description of potential effects of discrimination

Nearlypeople flooded the streets to demonstrate their support for Gay Rights. It was the highest public office to date that an openly gay candidate had held in the state of California.

Despite public fears that he would only become a sounding board for gay interested in San Francisco, Milk made it clear that he was concerned with the wellbeing of all San Franciscans. He assured his constituency that he was an advocate for all and would advance the issues that locals cared about:Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a chronic psychiatric disorder characterized by pervasive affective instability, self-image disturbances, impulsivity, marked suicidality, and unstable interpersonal relationships as the core dimensions of psychopathology underlying the disorder.

The effects of discrimination also manifest in psychological ways. Stress and anxiety are major emotional consequences of discrimination. When adults are exposed to discrimination, they develop a heightened sense of vigilance.

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Describe the potential effects of discrimination. The potential effects of discrimination can be different for different people. The effects can be . Jun 07,  · Describe the potential effects of discrimination An individual: An individual may feel distress, low self esteem, anxiety, aggressive behaviour, withdrawn from others and community, and in the event of serious effect an individual may commit suicide.

Pregnancy: Discrimination on the basis of sex includes discrimination because of pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions. For example, an employer must provide leave and benefits for women affected by pregnancy and childbirth on the same terms .

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