California water shortage

Drought Mitigation Folsom Lake dropped to historically low water levels in January

California water shortage

Drought Drought— an extended period of limited or no precipitation— is a fact of life in California and the West, with water resources following boom-and-bust patterns.

No portion of the West has been immune to drought during the last century and drought occurs with much greater frequency in the West than in other regions of the country. Most of the West experiences what is classified as severe to extreme drought more than 10 percent of the time, and a significant portion of the region experiences severe to extreme drought more than 15 percent of the time, according to the National Drought Mitigation Center.

Experts who have studied recent droughts say a drought occurs about once every 10 years somewhere in the United States.

Droughts are believed to be the most costly of all natural disasters because of their widespread effects on agriculture and related industries, as well as on urbanized areas. Because droughts cannot be prevented, experts are looking for better ways to forecast them and new approaches to managing droughts when they occur.This year, farmers in California's Central Valley likely won't receive any water through the federal irrigation program, a network of reservoirs, rivers, and canals that is normally replenished.

Our water system is a complex relationship between nature and manmade structures that move water. Climate Change Basics Climate change can have a profound impact on California’s water resources. Water is pumped south of the Delta by two massive pumping stations — the Central Valley Project, which is owned by the federal government, and the State Water Project, controlled by California.

In response to water shortages in the state, some water districts are looking to desalination as a way to provide water for residents.

There are six main systems of aqueducts and infrastructure that redistribute and transport water in California: the State Water Project, the Central Valley Project, several Colorado River delivery systems. Apr 15,  · Water is in short supply.

You don't have to go to Africa or the Middle East to see how much the planet is running dry. Just go to California, where, after three years of .

California water shortage

Water systems across the country have approached drinking water affordability using different metrics and innovative solutions.

While other parts of the country take on affordability at a local level, California is tackling this issue at the statewide level.

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